IBM Cloud strengthens its security

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IBM Cloud strengthens its security

“Native” security in the cloud, posture, containers and strategy… IBM is expanding its services in hybrid and multicloud environments.

Protection, migration, integration, access management, testing… IBM announced this week to consolidate its cloud security services.

“Cloud security can seem daunting, as its advocates face a large attack surface, models of shared responsibility, rapidly evolving cloud platforms and tools,” said Vikram Chhabra, Global Head of Management and Product Strategy at IBM Security Services. “We cannot assume that legacy approaches to security work with this operating model,” added the leader. According to him, industry professionals have an interest in “modernizing security” to adapt to the “era of the hybrid cloud”, and opt for a “zero trust” approach.

What does the American multinational offer in this context?

Managed Cloud Security Services

The extended offer combines the group’s technical and consulting expertise in security, regardless of the clouds used (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, etc.), with an integrated set of cloud solutions, both proprietary and third-party.

What areas do IBM’s new managed cloud security services cover?

Cloud native security, security posture management and container security. IBM also says it has strengthened its consulting services in multicloud and hybrid security strategy (on-premises infrastructure and in the public / private cloud).

To do this, IBM says it relies on a set of industry-recognized best practices, including the Cloud Security Alliance’s Cloud Controls Matrix list.

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