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HubSpot Overview

HubSpot was created in 2005, from the desire to offer businesses a new way of interacting, attracting and retaining their customers and prospects. The added value at HubSpot is to built the platform from centralized data: that is, to have all customer interactions on the same basis. This makes it possible to break down silos and have a 360 ° view of the contact and the customer,

In short, HubSpot today is more than CRM software. It is also expertise in customer service issues, marketing and sales teams or even website management. Moreover, thanks to its “HubSpot Academy” program, the company has enabled many professionals to gain knowledge to initiate with better expertise the health crisis facing the world today.

What are the characteristics of the HubSpot CRM?

The CRM offered by HubSpot is a complete tool, of course, allowing you to store contacts, accounts or opportunities. Beyond these basic features, which are free (with certain customization limits), HubSpot will offer paid licenses to drive marketing, customer service or business development actions. Augmented CRM in the commercial sense of the term is carried by the Sales Hub, available in 3 versions: Starter, Professional, Enterprise. These products will integrate “portal” type functionalities (available to all users) and “user” functionalities (available to users who have been assigned a paid nominal license). To get you an idea of ​​the product, here are some features and differentiators of HubSpot products:

Ease of use and intuitiveness

HubSpot is widely recognized as a simple, user-friendly tool. If this sounds like nothing, it is a real plus for improving adoption! The product can be natively translated into several languages and it is for example very easy to create a contact, an opportunity, to log a task or to edit a report. This is a point regularly raised by users on review platforms such as G2 Crowd or Capterra. To make up your own mind, nothing better to test the platform, even for free!

Sales Enablement functionalities (productivity / performance)

The augmented HubSpot CRM or Sales Hub will integrate many advanced features aimed at improving sales performance and productivity. For example, there are tools for making appointments, email sequences, recorded 1to1 email templates, online calls, automatic task reminders, etc. Put end-to-end on a team of a few tens or hundreds of salespeople, these functions maximize the “useful time” of your sales force. With a single subscription, HubSpot allows you to greatly digitize your sales force, without having to subscribe to a number of applications left to right.

Connectivity and API universe with the marketplace

For anything that is useful and that is not natively offered by the tool, HubSpot offers a very comprehensive marketplace. It is then possible to interface natively with many solutions on the market to complete its technological stack and have a tailor-made commercial tool! In addition, there are many possibilities with solutions like Zapier, Integromat or Piesync.

Synergy between sales, marketing and customer service

As presented above, the HubSpot CRM is a central and unique tool that makes customer / prospect data available to everyone. Choosing HubSpot is therefore choosing a powerful collaborative tool aimed at developing synergies within the company. In the same interface, it will thus be possible to consult all the interactions with a contact, whether they are customer service, marketing or commercial relationship operations. Thus, alignment is guaranteed!

Flexible setup

Setting up HubSpot solutions is generally less expensive and faster for an equivalent scope than other solutions on the market. After an implementation phase, integration with third-party tools and training, CRM administrators will be relatively autonomous to change the settings. This way, the tool stays well aligned with the needs of the team!

Scalability and support for growth

With Enterprise solutions, HubSpot manages to combine power and simplicity. It is now possible to use the hubSpot CRM in a highly specific way with hundreds of salespeople by customizing rights levels, reports, objects, etc. With the arrival of custom objects in particular, the HubSpot CRM adapts to the complexity companies to support them in their growth and the development of their teams.

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