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Just move it to the cloud

This blog outlines the different methods of data migration and use cases. Your method of migrating data to the cloud wil...

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Up-to-Date infographic

Azure SQL databases are always up-to-date. When you migrate SQL Server databases to the Azure cloud, you can adopt Azure...

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Reduce up to 80% in administration costs by offloading server/storage infrastructures

When you offload server/storage infrastructures to Azure, you can reduce up to 80% in administration costs. View: Reduce...

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Financial tech company gains SQL Server performance and scalability on Linux

The dv01 financial reporting and analytics platform offers institutional investors transparency and insight into consume...

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Secure Infographic

Companies choose Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server because of its unmatched security. Azure delivers multiple laye...

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Windows and SQL Server: The Best of Azure

Windows Server and SQL Server are best on Azure. This flyer highlights Azure’s unmatched intelligent security, sea...

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Security with Azure SQL Database in Azure Government

This video highlights the types of security features customers have been asking for and how Azure SQL Database wraps the...

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Top 10 security best practices for securing data in Amazon S3

With more than 100 trillion objects in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and an almost unimaginably broad set of...

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What type of data processing organization are you?

Every organization has its own unique data culture and capabilities. Yet each is expected to use technology trends and s...

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8 CRM Processes That Make a Sales Team Way More Efficient

As a sales professional, you’re no stranger to the sales process. Chances are, you spend your days engaging with leads a...