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Track Adversaries and Improve Posture with Microsoft Threat Intelligence Solutions

Microsoft has announced two new security products driven by their acquisition of RiskIQ. Read the blog for insight on Mi...

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The metaverse is coming. Here are the cornerstones for securing it

The virtual office and metaverse offer many advantages over existing models of remote, on-site or hybrid work while limi...

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Spyware Activity Particularly Impactful in July

Recent research suggests that mercenary spyware has been unusually active in their weaponization of common vulnerabiliti...

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Heineken creates the flexibility it needs to “Brew a Better World” with agile, scalable security solutions

Heineken’s ambitious “Brew a Better World” initiative aims for zero waste, carbon neutrality and posit...

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Staying Productive in the Face of an Outage

Azure offers an end-to-end backup and disaster recovery solution that’s simple, secure, scalable and cost-effectiv...

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Hybrid Work Solutions Consultation

The transition to hybrid work requires transforming business processes. Make sure you’re making all the right move...

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Cloud Architecture Assessment

Once full migration to the cloud has been embraced, it is essential to get a complete picture of your entire cloud archi...

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Microsoft: A Leader in hybrid work solutions across 23 analyst reports

No company is better positioned to help organizations meet the demands of hybrid work than Microsoft. Read the blog to g...

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Protect against outages to stay productive

Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery makes it simple to define policies to natively protect, monitor and manage enterpri...

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Hybrid work: From personal experience to global trends

This pivot to remote and hybrid work has reshaped employee behaviors and expectations. Read the blog to gain additional ...