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Google Workspace and Work Remote

Google Workspace is full of features for teleworking

As teleworking becomes more widespread, and a hybrid mode between distance and face-to-face could become the norm, the professional Google Workspace offering is launching new features.

Known since its inception as G Suite, the Google suite was renamed Workspace late last year … not to be confused with Facebook’s Workplace. Apart from a new name, nothing was on the horizon yet, as competing services at Zoom or Microsoft expanded. Never mind, Google is introducing new features for Workspace.

All of these new features aim to align the capabilities of workers no matter where they work. One term comes up often in the Google Workspace press release: fairness. “We are particularly interested in what we call the equity of collaboration, or the ability to contribute equally, regardless of location, role, level of experience, language and preferred device” explains Javier Soltero, Managing Director of Google Workspace.

Google Assistant finally linked to Workspace

Now, users will be able to make requests to Google Assistant to access business information. Whether it’s the calendar for the day, sending a message to a colleague, starting a meeting on Google Meet, some settings will be operable directly from the assistant window.

Google Calendar: better management of professional and personal time

Difficult to deny, the generalization of teleworking, then the reopening of schools, but not offices, not to mention the establishment of a curfew … the management of the distribution of work and family life has broken out. The organization of work has become complex, and Google offers new features in the Calendar for managers, and employees.

The two main elements concern the organization of working time. On the one hand, it will be possible to segment the working hours, for example with a long exposure at noon, an hour to pick up the children from school, then time early in the morning and / or late at night. On the other hand, Google Workspace has a section to mark recurring absences. In addition, a new type of event is emerging: focus time. It allows you to block a time slot during which the user will receive fewer notifications. All of this simply allows for more transparency between the employee and the manager.

Google Meet adapts to the second screen

Finally ! For Google Meet, the firm is starting to develop experiences on multiple screens. This new feature follows the recent launch of video conferencing kits designed by Google and partners such as Lenovo, Acer, Asus, or Logitech. Thus, when a call is made on the hardware, a person from another device can manage and / or other parts such as chat, polls, or Q&A.

For those joining a meeting from their smartphone, Google Workspace has got you covered, with a cleaner interface, no matter the screen size.

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