Why is Cloud Security Crucial

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Why is Cloud Security Crucial

Switching to the cloud provides businesses with faster access to data, easier storage, and plenty of other benefits. Yet, while the cloud is known for being secure, it is important to look at the security carefully and make sure it is as secure as possible. This can include limiting access, encrypting any data while going to or from the cloud, encrypting stored data, and using penetration testing to find and close potential loopholes that could make it easier for hackers to steal or delete data. Some of the main reasons why cloud security is crucial include the following:

Eliminate Potential Loopholes

Everything online has the potential to be hacked. Sometimes, there are loopholes in the security that could allow someone to easily access the data stored in the cloud. This could end up being disastrous, as it could mean stolen or deleted data. Having a solid DevOps security plan in place and testing regularly can help prevent loopholes or close them if they’re found. This way, those who do want access to the data will have to work a lot harder to get it.

Prevent Hacking or Data Theft

Any business can end up a victim of hacking. Even if as many loopholes as possible are found and closed, it’s possible for someone to access the cloud if the security is not robust enough. When someone accesses the cloud without permission, they may be looking to do as much harm as possible by deleting the data or trying to steal the data. Stolen data, especially if it contains sensitive information, can be sold and used by cybercriminals.

Others that break in may get into the cloud system, change admin passwords, and require a set fee to release access to the cloud back to the business. Often, once this fee is paid, they’ll request a higher fee instead of giving control back. In any of these situations, the business can suffer significantly, whether it’s due to lost data necessary for continued operations, lost money trying to deal with the issue, or a security breach that harms the business’s reputation.

Control Access to Sensitive Data

Sensitive data should be protected from potential hacking, but there is another concern, as well. To comply with regulations like those in HIPAA, businesses must control who is able to access the data. This means that only employees with proper authorization should be able to access and view the sensitive information contained in the data. With the right security in place, this is simple to do and can help prevent major issues that could occur if the sensitive information ends up in the wrong hands.

Recover Faster After a Disaster

Disasters can happen and when they do, getting back up and running as soon as possible is crucial. If there is a natural disaster that ruins the offices, since the data is in the cloud, it is still secure. With the right security measures in place, there’s no need to worry about theft of the data while the offices are closed. Once the offices are able to reopen, in the same location or a new one, recovery is fast and easy because everything is backed up in the cloud.

This works for other situations, as well, such as a new software update not being ready and causing data to be deleted. Anything that is backed up in the cloud can be securely accessed again, minimizing the downtime needed to handle the issues. As long as cloud security is in place, the data will be ready to access when needed, helping to get the business up and running again as fast as possible.

Moving to the cloud is an excellent option for any business, but it is important to be aware of potential security risks and how to minimize them. By taking the time to implement a robust security plan and keeping it updated as frequently as possible, any potential risks can be minimized. Take the time to look at your cloud security plan today to see what can be improved to help keep all of the data your business needs more secure. Whether you’re concerned about hacking or about data recovery after a disaster, the right security plan can make a difference.

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