To the cloud and beyond! Migration Enablement with Google Cloud’s Professional Services Organization

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To the cloud and beyond! Migration Enablement with Google Cloud’s Professional Services Organization

Google Cloud’s Professional Services Organization (PSO) engages with customers to ensure effective and efficient operations in the cloud, from the time they begin considering how cloud can help them overcome their operational, business or technical challenges, to the time they’re looking to optimize their cloud workloads.

We know that all parts of the cloud journey are important and can be complex. In this blog post, we want to focus specifically on the migration process and how PSO engages in a myriad of activities to ensure a successful migration.
As a team of trusted technical advisors, PSO will approach migrations in three phases:

  1. Pre-Migration Planning
  2. Cutover Activities
  3. Post-Migration Operations

While this post will not cover in detail all of the steps required for a migration, it will focus on how PSO engages in specific activities to meet customer objectives, manage risk, and deliver value. We will discuss the assets, processes and tools that we leverage to ensure success.

Pre-Migration Planning

Assess Scope

Before the migration happens, you will need to understand and clarify the future state that you’re working towards. From a logistical perspective, PSO will be helping you with capacity planning to ensure sufficient resources are available for your envisioned future state.

While migration into the cloud does allow you to eliminate many of the considerations for the physical, logistical, and financial concerns of traditional data centers and co-locations, it does not remove the need for active management of quotas, preparation for large migrations, and forecasting. PSO will help you forecast your needs in advance and work with the capacity team to adjust quotas, manage resources, and ensure availability.

Once the future state has been determined, PSO will also work with the product teams to determine any gaps in functionality. PSO captures feature requests across Google Cloud services and makes sure they are understood, logged, tracked, and prioritized appropriately with the relevant product teams. From there, they work closely with the customer to determine any interim workarounds that can be leveraged while waiting for the feature to land, as well as providing updates on the upcoming roadmap.

Develop Migration Approach and Tooling

Within Google Cloud, we have a library of assets and tools we use to assist in the migration process. We have seen these assets help us successfully complete migrations for other customers efficiently and effectively.

Based on the scoping requirements and tooling available to assist in the migration, PSO will help recommend a migration approach. We understand that enterprises have specific needs; differing levels of complexity and scale; regulatory, operational, or organization challenges that will need to be factored into the migration. PSO will help customers think through the different migration options and how all of the considerations will play out.

PSO will work with the customer team to determine the best migration approach for moving servers from on-prem to Google Cloud. PSO will walk customers through different migration approaches, such as refactoring, lift-shift, or new installs. From there, the customer can determine the best fit for their migration. PSO will provide guidance on best practices and use cases from other customers with similar use cases.

Google offers a variety of cloud native tools that can assist with asset discovery, the migration itself, and post-migration optimization. PSO, as one example, will help work with project managers to determine the best tooling that accommodates the customer’s requirements for migrating servers. PSO will also engage Google product team to ensure the customer fully understands the capabilities of each tool and the best fit for the use case. Google understands from a tooling perspective, one size does not fit all, thus PSO will work with the customer on determining the best migration approach and tooling for different requirements.

Cutover Activities

Once all of the planning activities have been completed, PSO will assist in making sure the cutover is successful.
During and leading up to critical customer events, PSO can provide proactive event management services which deliver increased support and readiness for key workloads. Beyond having a solid architecture and infrastructure on the platform, support for this infrastructure is essential and TAMs will help ensure that there are additional resources to support and unblock the customer where challenges arise.

As part of event management activities, PSO liaises with the Google Cloud Support Organization to ensure quick remediation and high resilience for situations where challenges arise. A war room is usually created to facilitate quick communication about the critical activities and roadblocks that arise. These war rooms can give customers a direct line to the support and engineering teams that will triage and resolve their issues.

Post-Migration Activities

Once cutover is complete, PSO will continue to provide support in areas such incident management, capacity planning, continuous operational support, and optimization to ensure the customer is successful from start to finish.

PSO will serve as the liaison between the customer and Google engineers. If support cases need to be escalated, PSO will ensure the appropriate parties are involved and work to get the case resolved in a timely manner. Through operational rigor, PSO will work with the customer in determining if certain Google Cloud services will be beneficial to the customer objectives. If services will add value to the customer, PSO will help enable the services so it aligns with the customer’s goal and current cloud architecture. In cases where there are missing gaps in services, PSO will proactively work with the customer and Google engineering teams to close the gaps by enabling additional functionality in the services.

PSO will continue to work with the engineering teams to consistently review and provide recommendations on the customer’s cloud architecture in ensuring the most optimal and cost efficient design along with adhering to Google’s best practices guidelines.
Aside from migrations, PSO is also responsible for providing continuous training of Google Cloud to customers. To ensure consistent development of Google Cloud, PSO will work with the customer to jointly develop a learning roadmap to ensure the customer has the necessary skills to succeed in delivering successful projects in Google Cloud.


Google PSO will be actively engaged throughout the customer’s cloud journey to ensure the necessary guidance, methodology, and tools are presented to the customer. PSO will engage in a series of activities from pre-migration planning to post migration in key areas such as capacity planning to ensure sufficient resources are allocated for future workloads to providing support on technical cases for troubleshooting. PSO will serve as a long-term trusted advisor who will be the voice of the customer and provide the reliability and stability of the customer’s Google Cloud environment.

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