Productivity & Collaboration in the Covid-19 era and beyond !

Productivity & Collaboration in the Covid-19
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Productivity & Collaboration in the Covid-19 era and beyond !

The necessity of collaboration in a workplace is nothing new, it helps create connections between employees and produce a more educated, skilled and engaged workforce.
By now you must have sensed, even more, the importance of team remote collaboration tools as the global Covid-19 pandemic made sure of making the worldwide workforce work from home.
If you did, lucky for you ! Because it’s early Christmas with Microsoft teams incredible new features, allowing easy and high quality remote collaboration. After all, a productive employee is a happy one !

Millions of people around the globe have been affected by the covid-19 outbreak, getting them to work from home and making huge transformations in everyday social life.
Thankfully, Microsoft Teams is here to make things a bit easier. According to a forrester report : Microsoft teams allows companies to save around 4 hours per week with optimized collaboration and reduces decision-making time by 17%.
Working next to a crying baby ? Meeting chaos where everyone is talking at once ? Issues organizing your calendar remotely ? Hard time finding important chat windows ? Can’t collaborate due to internet issues ? The age of all these struggles is way behind with Microsoft Teams and its new features specially designed with you in mind :

  • Real-time noise suppression that minimize background noise
  • AR-enabled raise-your-hand feature that enables remote participants to send visual signals when they have to say something during a meeting.
  • Bookings app that makes it easy to schedule, manage, and conduct B2C virtual appointments for job interviews, healthcare patient visits or client meetings.
  • Pop-out chat feature that allows employees to move chats to a separate window, streamline workflow and switch between ongoing conversations.
  • Support for offline and low-bandwidth situations to allow employees to read and respond to chat messages – even without an internet connection.

How Brams helps optimizing your collaboration

Being a Gold Microsoft partner with more that 20 years of experience in implementing, managing and supporting clients in their IT infrastructure modernization journey. Through the years Brams experts have successfully led companies all over the world and with all sizes to embrace the modern workplace improving their productivity, reducing costs and having better outcomes !

And today, we can help you gain more agility, scalability and mobility with deep understanding of today’s challenging conjoncture and great expertise in ensuring businesses continuity fastly, safely and effectively.

Revolutionize your collaboration process and software

As you’re reading this, there are around 44 Microsoft Teams active users around the world, and it’s not for nothing : Microsoft Teams today is one of the major collaborative hubs with highly qualitative communication and sharing features and continuous updates, making the end user experience better everyday. Let us help you through these hard times and you will for sure want to keep it up beyond !