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OVH joins forces with Google Cloud to launch new software offers

OVHcloud and Google Cloud have entered into a partnership which allows the French company to deploy a new offer, Hosted Private Cloud, which offers data storage on its servers while providing access to Google software. The two companies also plan to develop new joint solutions in the future.

OVH announced Monday, November 9, 2020 the signing of a strategic partnership with Google Cloud. The two companies wish to develop “common solutions which use their customers to benefit from an open and multi-cloud approach”. Financial details of the deal were not spelled out.


In the immediate term, this partnership will allow the French champion based in Roubaix to offer a new offer called Hosted Private Cloud. This allows its customers to store their data on its servers and to benefit from Google software, including Anthos, which is a cloud operating solution for businesses.

The partners insist on the sovereignty of data, its protection and confidentiality since it will be stored on OVH’s servers. Normally, to benefit from the operating software developed by Google Cloud, it is necessary to transfer your data to the servers of the American firm. But call on Google, just like Amazon or Microsoft, ask the authorities of the European Union and certain European companies because this data becomes notably accessible to the American government.


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or even Google Cloud dominating the cloud sector globally. Their most serious competitor from another nationality is the Chinese company Alibaba. This domination of American and Chinese companies in a sector as sensitive as data storage is raising serious concerns at European level. In search of an alternative, France and Germany have launched the Gaia-X European cloud project which must identify existing infrastructures and services around very specific criteria and attributes.

“By listening to our customers, our partners and public decision makers in Europe, we understand their need for greater control and autonomy,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, in a statement. This partnership is part of this approach because OVH and Google Cloud wish to “provide innovative solutions that meet the growing demands of Europe in terms of data sovereignty”, assures Michel Paulin, CEO of OVHcloud, in a press release. This is an important step to create a new value proposition in the European market “.

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