Over 11% growth per year with effective cloud adoption

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Over 11% growth per year with effective cloud adoption

The cloud is no longer just a question of economics and flexibility in the consumption of technologies, it gives a competitive advantage to those who know how to use it. But to get there, you have to put 60% of your computer system in the cloud.

“Superior cloud performance requires high levels of adoption and orchestration,” It revealed specific links between growing corporate profits and using the cloud to quickly develop and launch new solutions, and bring new functions to market.

“The ability of the cloud to generate new value from data and discover new sources of revenue is also linked to earnings growth,” the report says. This reveals that new sources of revenue can grow company profits by up to 11.2% per year.

The Cloud Radar 2021 study was conducted with more than 2,500 respondents from companies in the United States, United Kingdom, France , Germany, Australia and New Zealand. It focused on a series of cloud-related business performance goals and revealed specific links to skills such as speed to market and capabilities. Investigators identified a profit link in using the cloud to quickly bring new solutions and services to market.

Four types of performance

Research describes four distinct types of performance: inefficient, efficient, highly efficient, and outstanding. For example, exceptionally successful companies (16%) use more cloud service providers and use hybrid cloud infrastructures more frequently.

Next in line are high performing companies (19%), which have moved almost as many business functions to the cloud as great companies. They are driven by the use of the cloud to accelerate the deployment of new solutions and services.

Successful companies (33%) quickly moved business functions to the cloud, but started with fewer business functions in the cloud two years ago. This category focuses more on the cloud to reduce costs than its better performing peers. Finally, underperforming companies (32%) are the least likely to use the public cloud and have the least certainty about estimating cloud spending.

60% in the cloud

According to the report, the financial benefits of the cloud don’t materialize until companies have at least 60% of their systems in the cloud. And yet, to benefit from AI in the cloud, the bar is even higher. Companies need to have at least 80% of their business functions, such as cross-domain business applications, in the cloud for AI to drive profit growth.

The Cloud Radar study found that nearly one in six companies achieved exceptional cloud performance. In terms of cloud adoption, less than one in five have crossed the 60% threshold to benefit from it. In conclusion, the cloud rush is not about to end: By 2022, the report says, more than 40% of companies surveyed plan to move more than 60% of their systems to the cloud, up from 17% today.

Why Brams?

With its expertise, BRAMS offers you market-leading cloud solutions billed per use. With BRAMS, now you can unleash your full potential and focus on what matters most: Your job. Thanks to its partnerships and collaboration with the biggest global cloud pioneers: Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud and Google Cloud, Brams has become a multi-industry focus, to support companies of different sectors and sizes to move to the Cloud for more than two decades of expertise.

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