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Microsoft Covid Cyberattack

Covid-19: Microsoft Security stops Hackers Attempts toVaccine Researchers

Due to Microsoft being one of the leaders in the cloud security field, the company was able to stop several attempted cyberattacks against pharmaceutical groups and laboratories in recent months. France is one of the countries attacked.

For ten months, the health crisis linked to the coronavirus has fueled the maliciousness of hackers, and Microsoft claims to have stopped several cyberattacks in recent months against pharmaceutical companies, but also research laboratories. The goal of the pirates? Slow down and obstruct research for a vaccine against Covid-19. France is one of the countries attacked, along with Canada, India and the United States.
According to Microsoft experts, the firm is again asking for help from states and governments. In July, officials from the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada contacted Russia to take action against hackers targeting researchers on the Covid-19 vaccine.

This event could only certify Microsoft for having a top Cloud Security that Protect against evolving cybersecurity threats and also providing security, privacy, and compliance solutions.

Microsoft can protect against breaches, detect breaches, and respond to breaches with a comprehensive security solution. The overarching security environment of the enterprise includes a mix of solutions.

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