Microsoft Azure: the company expands the cloud in China for new data centers

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Microsoft Azure: the company expands the cloud in China for new data centers

Microsoft Azure: the company expands the cloud in China for new data centers

Microsoft is deploying Azure in China for a new cloud management system. This is the company’s second press release for a new data center in the Asian continent, in just a week. Recently, Microsoft indicated that an Azure extension is also in the works for Indonesia.

Tuesday’s statement follows a series of announcements made by Microsoft during Ignite, the firm’s annual conference. Another press release related to the Azure data center was published during the conference concerning Azure Resource Mover and in particular its availability.

Microsoft Azure opens up possibilities for software services in China

The Azure Resource Mover was previously announced by Microsoft during the annual conference. The firm had given a taste of the service on this occasion. The open source functionality makes it easier for users to move volumes of data across regions where Azure is available.

This new area of ​​Azure China will provide the ability to use cloud computing functions for a larger percentage of local customers. It will also make available services like Dynamics 365, Power BI and Office 365 according to Microsoft.

The fifth region, China North 3, will be the headquarters of Azure’s deployment and will be the first to consist of multiple, separate data centers. They can be used as back-up systems. This will allow users to install their highly available applications in multiple regions.

Marketing activities are still limited in the Asia-Pacific region

China’s protection policy makes it extremely difficult for foreign companies to operate in its territory. This particularly concerns data center operators and Cloud platforms. However, the country has succeeded in establishing centers dedicated to Industrial Big Data to encourage companies to provide various sources.

Indeed, China, as well as Asia-Pacific as a whole, constitutes a huge and growing market for cloud computing and data center functions. Marketing research firm Structure Research estimates that an additional 2,000 MW of data center capacity will be added each year from 2020 to 2025. Currently, 40% of this capacity is in Asia.
Other markets in Asia, however, are seeing strong growth in data center development, particularly thanks to the growth of cloud platforms in the United States.

Like the China North 3, the Microsoft Azure Cloud deployment for Indonesia will consist of multiple data centers. They will be located in different locations to provide applications with an availability zone.

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