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Google Worspace Security

Google Workspace, everything you need to get anything done, now in one place with enhanced security and privacy updates to help prevent malicious behavior and protect organizations’ data while focusing on productivity and collaboration.

Reinforced security

In terms of security rules, the dedicated page of the Google Workspace administration console will be entitled to an overhaul again moving in the direction of centralization, for a unified management of rules, both those provided by Google and those concocted by the administrators. “As part of this redesign, we are also combining business, data protection, device management, reporting, and system-defined rules to consolidate security rules into a centralized experience for visibility and convenience. We will also be launching fully customizable general availability templates that allow for quick creation and configuration of rules based on some of our best practices, ”says Mountain View.

Finally, on the data protection side, a few weeks after announcing the general availability of contextual access for SAML applications, Google is tightening up controls on access to data in Workspace. It launches an App access control feature allowing administrators to choose which apps can access data by restricting or allowing data access for unverified apps.

Google has also added some security features, designed to combat abuse, including a new classification, audit logging and detection capabilities to Meet. They. To prevent abusive users from disrupting meetings, users are classified. For example those who have been marked as abusive and kicked out from previous meetings are barred from joining meetings.

In addition, Meet will automatically detect abusive names or display codes and then deny users from joining meetings. Administrators will be able to investigate any abuse that users may see by viewing audit logs. As for data protection, Workspace offers audit logs for Gmail, which show when users turn on automatic email forwarding out of their domain, which could indicate potential data loss due to a breach. politician, a malicious insider, or a hijacked account.

These logs help determine if steps need to be taken to limit the risk of data loss or data leakage. More features are expected in the coming weeks like Data Protection Insights, which proactively creates reports that help administrators understand the sensitive information that is stored.


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